Clem Sturgess, 3rd dan (Head Instructor)

Clem Sensei began training with the club when it was called Cleveland Aikido under Thom Hansen Sensei back in 2001. He has a very practical approach to Aikido due mostly to a background in Shotokan Karate. Clem began Aikido when he realised that most of the good Karateka that he knew were constantly injured due to the stresses that they put on their bodies while trying to maintain an effective level, when their bodies were beginning to protest. He found Aikido to be a way in which he could practice Martial Arts, keeping both his mind and body healthy well into his old age. It was the way in which Aikido allows you to end conflict quickly without striking that appealed to him and made Aikido his life's quest.

Michael Story, 2nd dan 

Michael started his Aikido journey in 2007 with Aikido Yuishinkai in Hamburg, Germany with Denise Commandeur Sensei. In 2009 he relocated to Melbourne, Australia and trained in the Aiki-Centre with Catherine Schnell Sensei. Since 2013, Michael has been a highly valued member of the Redlands Aikido Dojo. Michael also has a passion for weapons which he brings with him to the club. He has trained in KJR Kobudo with John Bear Shihan, and he holds the rank of Sho-Dan in this art. He has also trained in AKA-Iaido and AKA Jodo. Michael is the Redlands Aikido Weapons instructor.

Chris Moeseneder, 2nd dan

Chris has been a member of Redlands Aikido for many years, from back when the club was called 'Cleveland Aikido'. Chris for many years ran everythign to do with the administration of the club, and has a background in Tae Kwon Do, while having lived in many countries around the world. Chris has a very thoughtful approach to Aikido, with a great focus on fine detail.

Gabrielle Price, 2nd Kyu (Aiki-Kids Instructor)

Gabby began her training in the art of Aikido several years ago, and has recently become the Aiki-Kids instructor at Redlands Aikido. Gabby's bright personality and patient positivity towards life makes her a favourite with the kids, who are starting to find there way in the art of aikido. Her aim is to help them grow and develop a confidence within themselves in a friendly learning environment. She trains under 3 instructors and is continuously gaining new skills that help in her everyday life.