Hashimoto Sensei Seminar

August, 2017

Having visited Redlands Aikido with a group of students from Junshinkai Aikido only last December, Yoshi Sensei, his beautiful Wife Hitomi, and 3 of his Students (Dat, Reo and Yuto,) came to share Sensei's brand of Aikido with us yet again.

As always, Sensei shows a technical understanding of technique that comes from long, long hard hours in the dojo, and by himself learning from great teachers and having friendships with other renowned Aikido Instructors.

This time, we were again joined by new friends from other dojos we did not previously know. We met up with some old friends. We met up with some VERY old friends, and we had some friends come along that we are not allowed to mention!

As always with Yoshi Sensei, great instruction is conveyed clearly and concisely, and he has a wonderful way of letting us know when we are 'Cheating', or when we must simply 'Wait'.

Physical boundaries were pushed by Yoshi Sensei, and just when you feel like you can't give him one more of something, he makes you dig deep and find that special something that you did not think that you had.

This was also a special occasion for Redlands Aikido, as it was on this weekend that we officially joined Hashimoto Sensei in Junshinkai Aikido, but more on that another time!