The Redlands Aikido Aiki-Kids program is focused on teaching kids the skills that they need for learning Aikido when they go into Adult Classes.

Skills like safely falling, breakfalling, stamina, co-ordination and flexability are the core skills that are focused on in Aiki-Kids. Games and drills, designed to teach these skills to kids in a way that is enjoyable and fun are the heart of this program.

The Redlands Aikido Aiki-Kids program is not designed to teach children how to fight. No Aikido is. From a martial viewpoint, it does not serve to make them combative. Rather it teaches them self-defence in a way that reduces harm to their opponent.

To learn more about our Aiki-kids programme, please contact us and one of our Aiki-Kids instructors will be happy to contact you and answer any questions you might have. 

"Akachi Aikido"

Redlands Aikido