We are an Independent, Incorporated, Not for Profit Martial Arts Club, located in Thornlands, Queensland, Australia.

We are independent of other Aikido Organizations, and practice Aikido that is taught through the Lineage of Master Koichi Tohei.

Every year we host teachers from Japan who have trained for many years under Tohei Sensei. They run independent Aikido groups overseas that prefer the approach of friendships with many different groups and organizations over adherence to a single organizational body.

Our Club exists to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere in which to learn Aikido, while at the same time training with Energy and Spirit, and focusing on Martial application.

We practice a Self-protection based martial art that has it's origin not as a sport or competitive practice, but rather a combat form that was born on a battle field.

The 'Tai-jutsu'(unarmed,) component is a development of Daito Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu, which traces it's roots to the Maeda family of feudal Japan and is hundreds of years old. We also practice Ken-jutsu (Sword,) and Jo-jutsu (Staff,) which find their origins in many weapon forms, the most famous of which is Yagyu Shinkage-Ryu Kenjutsu: the sword form that was taught in the Feudal era to the Japanese Imperial family. 

Everyone can do Aikido, and everyone is welcome to train with us. To learn more about us, please use the drop down menu in the ' Our Club' tab above.